Thursday, January 5, 2012

Finished Friday!

Today is a day of finished projects! This week I worked on a whole bunch of eggs (it's still to cold to paint outside). So here are my finished projects!

All of the new eggs on a tree.

Here are some close ups of the newest eggs!

Ready for Valentines Day?
Sleeping Kitten
Be Mine!
Marry Me?
Easter Bunny!
I'm so excited about all these eggs! I can't wait to have more eggs to etch. Its so fun picking designs and deciding which egg fits the design best. I've found smaller or more complicated designs work better on white eggs. Words or bulky designs work well on brown eggs, and the shells layers burn away differently, creating a picture that can be anywhere from white/grey to black or brown. Some eggs even look almost stamped! I am happy to say I will be continuing with these projects!

(Sorry this is posted a little early, but I'm excited about these!)

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