Monday, January 9, 2012

Motivation Monday

It's time for another Motivation Monday post. I try to pick one thing that motivates me each week to paint, draw and in general be crafty. But lets switch it up. This week I'll show you what motivates my whole life.

Everything I do is simply a step towards my dream of owning a small piece of land and homesteading.

But what is homesteading? Well everyone seems to have their own definition. My explanation of my dream is simple; a small piece of land, a cob house I built with loved ones, some farm animals and a huge garden. If I still have to work in town to pay the bills, that's fine. I just want some space between me and the guy down the road so I don't feel so crowded. And if I can manage to go off grid someday, that'd be great too, but for now I'm trying to go one step at a time. And my step right now is Save Money. Then it'll be onto Buy Land, Build House and Live The Dream.

Here are a few pictures of other people who are living their dreams:
Cob Couch
Cob Kitchen
Interior Of A Cob House
Chickens On A Farm
Path To Freedom: Urban Homestead
Want to see more pictures of ideas and inspirations for my future homestead? Follow my Dream Home board on pinterest!

This is what motivates me, what motivates you?

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