Monday, January 2, 2012

Motivation Monday And The End Of Holiday Vacations

Well vacation time is over for some of us, or for me, filling in for everyone at work is done and I'm back on a regular schedule! So it's time for more art! But for now this is what is motivating me this week: EGGS!

I'm always so amazed at the variety of colors I get out of my 5 backyard hens. Everyone is supposed to lay brown eggs, but what is brown? I've gotten eggs that where such a light brown they were almost pink, eggs that are so dark they could be called chocolate colored and eggs that are a pinky brown with white specks. And then there are the occasional white eggs from my brown laying girls. I think the shell color depends on what they eat, and my hens get whatever food is left over from meals as well as an egg layer feed supplemented with cracked corn in the winter and rolled oats in the summer. They make great composters, and oddly enough, my chickens will eat everything but onions!

Here are a few pictures of my girls and their beautiful eggs!

A few of my chickens when they were little. Some of these guys are meat birds, I only have laying hens left.

One of my Barred Rocks. 

Beautiful eggs.

Light Brown

Dark Brown

Almost Pink

Brown with white spots

And I do get the occasional tiny egg!
In case you missed what I do with my eggs, here is a laser etched egg ornament! It can be found in my online Etsy shop!
Tree of Life laser etched egg

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