Monday, December 12, 2011

Blog Organization And A Sneak Peek Sunday

I'm taking a cue here from Veda's Beads and trying to organize a way to blog without feeling like I have to post all the time. I really just don't have something interesting to talk about every day!

So here's my organization plan for posting:

Motivation Monday - Something that inspired a piece of artwork.

Wacky Wednesday - Art projects that go horribly wrong or create huge messes.

Finished Friday - What projects I've completed for the week.

Sneak Peek Sunday - What I'm currently working on.

Hopefully this will help with the blogging organization, now I need to organize time to paint, cut glass, and post new items on Etsy!

I know I did a sneak peek yesterday, but here's another one:

I'll be back tomorrow to share some Motivation with you!

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