Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Welcome to KTBelleCrafts' Blog! This is where I will be sharing my artsy projects and my excitement about finally being able to sell my work!

My shop where I sell my artwork can be located here.

Fell free to browse my shop, ask me questions about my art projects, and compliment or critique my work!

I do many different art projects, everything from cutting glass, hand blowing eggs, and painting with oil, water colors and spray paint. I like to keep busy and try just about every artsy craft that I come across!

Here are some pictures of my latest bits of work:

Christmas Tree laser etched into a hand blown chicken egg.

'Sun and Moon' spray painted yin yang.

'Twin Night' Spray paint.

'Two Souls' Oil on canvas.
Tree of Life laser etched onto hand blown chicken egg.

Thanks for stopping by!

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