Friday, December 16, 2011

Finished Friday!

So what have I finished this week? Only one painting sadly, but I did manage to blow out and string a few more eggs for etching! I really need to move out to the country though, this whole 4 chickens per back yard thing (OK so I have 5, shhhhh!) is making for slow egg production. The fact that it's winter doesn't help either. But I digress, here's my finished painting:

This painting is a mixture of oil paints and oil pastels.

I don't have any pictures of my eggs, but there are about a dozen that are ready to be etched. And I do have a few more projects that are in the works. I can't wait until its warm outside again so I can spray paint again. 

In other news, I made it into another treasury on Etsy =) You can find it here, <3 My Whimsical heart <3This is the piece that made it into the treasury: 

Butterfly Glass Candle Holder

I hope all your projects are going well this week!

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